May Club Meeting 15th (Thursday)

BCAC will be hosting it’s monthly meeting at Stalworth Realty at 7:00pm.  We will be discussing upcoming events along with the current status of the club.  As always all members and friends are invited to attend and participate.

New Optional 9am Shoot Time for Traditional Archers

At the February monthly club meeting the board of directors voted to institute a new optional early shoot time for traditional archers.  This was in response to requests from the traditional community that are BCAC members.  The new policy that was enacted is as follows.  Should a traditional archer wish to start shooting early, they have the option to arrive early, register early and shoot early at a club shoot.  In order to participate in this early shoot the archer must be participating in a traditional archery class and must arrive early enough to be registered and ready to shoot by 9am on the date of the shoot.  Those that have not registered and are not ready to shoot by 9am will be required to wait until 10am to shoot with the remaining shooters.  If you have any questions please contact me at BrazosCountyArchery@gmail.com and I will attempt to address your questions or concerns.

May Club Shoot 18th (Sunday)

BCAC will be hosting is monthly club shoot at the range on May 18th.  This is the 3rd Sunday of the month to allow for Mother’s Day celebrations.  Shooting will start at 10am but we would suggest you show up by 9am to allow time for registration.  BCAC will be honoring the new optional 9am shoot time for Traditional archers if they wish to participate.  BCAC will be setting 30 3d targets for this shoot.  All scores in this shoot will go towards Archer of the Year and Archer Appreciation standings.  We would love to have volunteers come out to the club before and after the shoot to help us set targets.  If you would like to participate in the setup of the range we will be meeting at 7am.  If you can’t make it until later please still come out and join in the fun.  All volunteer hours will go towards becoming a qualified member (extra benefits as a club member).  We will likely have a FUN shoot after the shoot but it we are yet undecided what the format will be.

Completed Range Improvements

I want to personally thank Brad Timmerman (Vice President of the Range) and all others that helped to improve the practice range.  The range has a new more user-friendly layout with all new bag targets and stands.  The club has added a traditional/practice/youth range with 10yd and 15yd targets.  Since this is a separate range it will allow these faster shooters to pull there arrows without waiting on the archers on the main range to finish.  Brad came up with a layout that attempted to have at least two targets at each distance (many have 3 or 4).  He attempted to spread out the targets so that many different archers can shoot the same distance at the same time.  The club also attempted to level the shooting line in response to some complaints from members that the ground at the shooting line was uneven and sloped towards the targets.  Finally, I wanted to give a personal thanks to Ike’s Small Engines LLC, Lone Star Plumbing, Woodson Lumber Co., and BCAC Membership. Without their generous donations we would not have been able to accomplish this ambitious task.

Improvements to Frac Tank

I also want to personally thank Brad Timmerman and Ron Olive for spearheading a project to reorganize the Frac tank. I also want to thank all others that participated. Many of the overhead bars were removed as a safety precaution for taller volunteers (like myself) and re-purposed to allow for shelving to store more targets more efficiently.  The volunteers also added an lighting upgrade to the Frac tank including the addition of a third light (all three lights are now mounted also) and electrical wiring of 5 electrical plugs and a wall mounted switch to activate/deactivate the lights.  This is a drastic improvement over the the previous method of lighting the Frac tank.

Logo Committee

A committee has been formed to review/update the club’s logo. In recent meetings the Board of Directors has decided to update the sign at the front of the range and would also like to have some items for sale to advertise the club.  We began looking at this possibility and it was discovered that the current logo (See top right corner of website for current logo) is not of a high enough resolution to meet the needs of the club.  It was also brought up that the BCAC logo is similar to other logos for clubs in the state of Texas.  Our understanding is that the original logo was developed in the 80s as a drawing and was later digitized.  The current logo design has been in place for over 30 years. 

The goal of this committee is to find a suitable logo to meet the branding and advertising needs of the club which also represents the club in the archery and surrounding communities.  

With reaching the goal in mind, the committee will be tasked with answering the following two questions:  

Can/should the existing logo be updated to serve the needs of the club?  

If not…

If the logo cannot or shouldn’t be updated, what should the new logo be?  

Indoor League at Live Oak Archery

This 6 week indoor league started Monday May 5th and a great time was had by all!  We will be skipping Memorial Day May 26th. This time the league will cost $20 for youth (18 years and younger as of the beginning of the league) and $50 for all others. Youth classes will not have a payout; however, there will be a prize for first place. All other classes will have a 50% payout split between the first, second, and third positions. All shoots will be held at Live Oak Archery. This is a great chance to hone your skills for the 3D target range or the hunting stand. Many of the members that attend are very knowledgeable and are willing to help you if you ask for their assistance or advice. We hope to see you all there.  You don’t have to be a member of the club to participate.

Update (Membership Applications): 

BCAC is now accepting online applications and PayPal payments for BCAC and ASA memberships.  Please contact brazoscountyarchery@gmail.com if you have any problems with your transaction.

Brazos County Archery Club began in 1948 and it the oldest existing archery club in Texas!  It exists to promote all forms of archery.  The club hosts seminars, outside organizations shoots as well as their own monthly shoots.  Members are welcome to shoot on the existing range at their convenience.  The monthly club shoots in the woods consisting of twenty or thirty, 3-D animal targets at various ranges.   Scores are kept and prizes are offered for many divisions.  A list of upcoming archery related events can be found on our Calendar Page.

Come on out and join in on the fun!

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 5785
Bryan, Texas 77805
Physical Address:
1715 Louis Street
Bryan, Texas