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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Candidates must be current members of BCAC.

  • Candidates may compete in only one class and may not shoot in a class lower than they shoot for TXASA/ASA tournaments.

  • All scores toward a shooters total must be obtained in BCAC club shoots.

  • Shooters must shoot with groups of at least 3 archers at each club shoot.  If a shooter shoots with a group of less than 3 then the score will not be counted toward SOY.  Stake assignments must include at least one individual that is unrelated to the others. 

  • Scores to be counted toward SOY must be verified by a BCAC director or officer on both the shooter’s official and unofficial card at the time that the score is submitted.  The score, running totals, and number of 12s will be verified.  


Participation Requirements

  • Shooters must participate in at least five of the BCAC club shoots. If a shooter turns in scores for more than five club shoots then the top five will be counted.  Club shoot dates are: 


  • January 9

  • February 13

  • March 13

  • April 10

  • May 1

  • June 12

  • July 10

  • August 14

  • September 11


**In the event that one or more shoots are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the number of shoots may be modified a the discretion of the Board and Officers**


Calculating SOY Standings

  • Standings will be calculated by adding the total points earned in the top five shoots that an archer participates in.  If a shooter participates in more than five shoots, then the top five will be tallied. 

  • The total number of 12s will be used to break a tie. 


Divisions to be recognized

  • Men’s Known – Men’s classes that are all known-distance.

  • Women’s Known – Women’s classes that are all known-distance.

  • Men’s Unknown – Men’s classes that are unknown distance.

  • Women’s Unknown – Women’s classes that are unknown.

  • Traditional – All Traditional classes

  • Youth – Classes including youth shooters

  • If there are three or more shooters in a sub division class then the leadership team may elect to break that class out for a separate award.  If the breakout would cause the general division to NOT be recognized then the sub division will not break out. 


***Note: There must be at least 3 qualified shooters in each division in order for the division to be awarded.***


The BCAC Board of Directors and Officers will determine awards.  All division winners will be recognized at the annual club banquet held in September.

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